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Election 2014: Kevin Mitchell seeks seat on Langley Township council (Langley Times)

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October: A rocky end to Langley gravel pit money-making scheme


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March: Kevin appears before Council regarding the new Soils by-law (Council Minutes)

August: (no link)

1) in 2013 Township of Langley Council passed a cannon by-law that did not address noise

2) in 2013 Mayor Froese said " I will deliver the new by-law to the Minister in Victoria by hand myself"  - he never did

3) in 2013 Mayor and Council directed staff to meet with Minister to discuss reducing the use of cannons - unanimously approved - they never did

4) Council promised to revisit the cannon by-law 12 months after approval to tweak it- they never did

With the inaction by the Mayor and Council,  Kevin Mitchell did the following on his own time and at his own expense while the Council was on summer vacation:

1) Organized a meeting in Victoria with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Derek Sturko, to go over Langley residents’ concerns.

2) A few weeks later he met with the Minister of Agriculture, Norm Letnick, at a blueberry farm in order to demonstrate alternate uses for bird predation  (hawks and drones)

3) Personally organized a company to demonstrate a drone custom made for this event. This drone uses GPS to visit irregular shaped fields and automatically re-homes back to base.

4) Received a commitment from the Minister to look into financing alternatives to cannons.

Norm Letnick, Minister of Agriculture, and Kevin Mitchell speaking with a representative from Sky Guard Falconry

Kevin Mitchell with Norm Letnick, Minister of Agriculture

July:  Steps to take in dealing with cannon noise in Langley Township

September: Shortage of dollars from developers behind delay on Aldergrove recreation complex

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November:  'We need better laws': Dumping on B.C. farmland called ‘rampant’ problem